Tuesday, 22 November 2011

C2C and other information

Remember me?

I am still trying to get fit - I have been working lots of extra shifts, but luckily this involved staying in a hotel for 2 nights on 9th Nov and to my immense pride I was swimming in the hotel pool at 7am each morning before breakfast ready to face the day. I've also done a couple of zumba sessions and yoga too so all is not lost!!

Today I had another crunching session at the osteopath so no more excuses. This week its zumba x 2 and swimming x2 (yet another residential course for work).

The real triathlete of the family keeps checking on my progress so I have to keep doing things to impress him! He is not too impressed so far but at least I haven't given up!

He was 21 the other weekend and had decided to try to cycle the C2C in a day - hence the title. This was a really big ask as the autumnal lack of light makes the available cycling hours relatively short. He left Whitehaven at 6.50am and made great progress to Keswick via Whinlatter Pass and then on to Penrith. As driver of the support car (not so impressive as the skodas on the Tour de France trailers but we did try our best) - we rendezvoused at the top of Hartside Pass for sandwiches and a flask of tea - most civilised. Then he was off again - he got to Nenthead, then a wrong turn meant he doubled back on himself and ended up nearly back in Alston- more cycling to regain Nenthead and the reality of 3pm on an Autumn afternoon and fast approaching darkness kicked in and he made the incredibly sensible decision to abort. He is definitely going to do it in the summer with longer days but I am IMMENSELY proud of his 136Km ride on the actual day of his 21st birthday. WOW!!

We drove to a family get together past the hospital where he was born (sorry about this but I need a suitably gooey mummy moment - aaah) then lots of fun and a glass of champagne each before he crashed out for 11 hours - didn't even have the grace to be stiff the next day!

I think I have a lot to live up to! If I just get fit and finish the Derby Tri and raise some sponsor money too I'll be happy - I think I started too late to compete with the younger generation.

Thursday, 10 November 2011


I have never twittered before but have now signed up and am going to give it a go.

I'm not sure how it works but that is part of the fun, I'm hoping it may raise the profile of my fund-raising for ovarian cancer too, so I get to grips with social networking and hopefully do some good too.

Watch this space!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

I have a plan!

Last night I was feeling a bit sorry for myself and way behind on my training ambition then my son gave me a pep talk about how it is still possible to do the Derby tri. This is particularly touching as he is 21 this weekend and it seems our roles are reversed and he is now looking after me! So after the pep talk he outlined a training plan to get me back on track. He is, in his words, determined to get me through this event.

So for now I'm back to zumba and yoga, then I'm adding in the exercise bike and some weight training then by Christmas I should be up to trying to run again - I have promised to do as I'm told and train regularly according to the plan - so here we go.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Cute Inspiration

Last week we had a week away in the Lakes where my back was so stiff I couldn't contemplate hiking "up" but we did lots of walking "along" so still managed to keep reasonably active. I've been back to yoga this week and the back seems to be holding up, so I'm going to ease in gently and eventually hope to do some running again soon.

The cute inspiration mentioned in the title is courtesy of my son who sent me this link to the cute little robot guys who completed the Hawaii Ironman Course - check them out