Monday, 23 April 2012

Caution ~ heart may explode!

I am increasing my running gradually - the distance and course is the same but the number of 30 second running bursts is up to 13 now.

I went running on my own this time - that was a first - it went quite well. I put on my heart rate monitor and off I went. I cut my time right down to 27 minutes 38 seconds. I was a bit tired but kept pushing and when the monitor pipped I tried a bit harder.

When we looked at the readout my heart rate had gone up to 187 - probably a little high for someone of 52, the pipping apparently meant my heart rate was high and I should ease off a little.

Gadgets are great but only if you understand them - as the hubby pointed out, instead of slavishly obeying the beep and going faster because that's what I thought it meant, surely my brain told me I was working hard and I should listen to my body!

Well, we live and learn, the heart didn't blow up, I broke my PB and will be more sensible next time!!!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

It's an uphill struggle

I have managed to increase my cycle rides to 17km.

On a positive note, unlike my son, who got lots of tiny bruises on his arms while cycling the other week when he got caught in a thunder and hail storm (yes really) ~ I managed to dodge the torrential showers so the bike is still nearly pristine - just a few splash marks from going along recently drenched country lanes.

Oh and another challenge - cycling along country lanes recently tarred and top dressed with chippings. ~the combination of loose chippings and wet roads made some of my initial nervousness return ~ but I plunged on and am going faster and with more confidence now than I was when I first sat on the bike.

The uphill struggle? Went down a steep hill on my ride, then did another 1k before coming back up the same hill - I had to push most of the way up it the first time, but cycled half way up the next time I attempted it - there will be much celebration when I get to the top while still ON the bike!

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Only 5 months to go!

It really is getting closer now.

I am afraid I haven't trained quite as much this week as I did in the previous 2 weeks, but we managed one "run" on Saturday (I'm up to 12 bursts of running for 30 seconds in between walking) and knocked 2 minutes off my 2 mile time - still a pitiful 32 minutes as I walk much more than I run!

Bad news is that my left calf needed icing after my last two runs and, sadly, I discovered tonight that my zumba class resulted in an ice pack too. I am hoping that if I don't go mad I can just keep the training ticking over and let the calf settle down without having to give up on the running.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

£145 rasied so far

It feels like this triathlon is starting to happen now. I am training on a fairly regular basis in a pretty meaningful way.

I think because I feel like I am doing some training and I may be a triathlete after all, I am not so embarrassed to talk to people about sponsoring me, so I am really pleased with my fund raising for ovarian cancer action - it is starting to pick up momentum.

I have now had £145 donated on my just giving page - thank you.

Check it out at

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Not too shabby

I've had a really good couple of weeks training - how about this............

Monday - cycled 12Km in the afternoon then zumba for 1hour in the evening

Tuesday - swam 20 legnths in the morning, 1 hour yoga in the evening

Wednesday - cycled 12Km

Thursday - yoga for an hour

Friday - weight training - not really any weight to speak of - but learning the form

Sunday - ran walked 2 miles, small amount of running - only 10 x 30second runs - but its a start

Monday - swam 28 legths in the morning, zumba 1 hour in the evening

Tuesday - yoga 1 hour in the evening

Wednesday - weight training - some weight this time and even managed some side and reverse plank too!

Friday - ran walked 2 miles, increased from 10 to 11 x 30 second runs - small steps but still no physio required for my back so better than my first attempt last autumn!!

Sunday (today) - cycled 15Km this morning then walked 2 miles this afternoon.