Saturday, 21 April 2012

It's an uphill struggle

I have managed to increase my cycle rides to 17km.

On a positive note, unlike my son, who got lots of tiny bruises on his arms while cycling the other week when he got caught in a thunder and hail storm (yes really) ~ I managed to dodge the torrential showers so the bike is still nearly pristine - just a few splash marks from going along recently drenched country lanes.

Oh and another challenge - cycling along country lanes recently tarred and top dressed with chippings. ~the combination of loose chippings and wet roads made some of my initial nervousness return ~ but I plunged on and am going faster and with more confidence now than I was when I first sat on the bike.

The uphill struggle? Went down a steep hill on my ride, then did another 1k before coming back up the same hill - I had to push most of the way up it the first time, but cycled half way up the next time I attempted it - there will be much celebration when I get to the top while still ON the bike!

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