Sunday, 1 April 2012

Not too shabby

I've had a really good couple of weeks training - how about this............

Monday - cycled 12Km in the afternoon then zumba for 1hour in the evening

Tuesday - swam 20 legnths in the morning, 1 hour yoga in the evening

Wednesday - cycled 12Km

Thursday - yoga for an hour

Friday - weight training - not really any weight to speak of - but learning the form

Sunday - ran walked 2 miles, small amount of running - only 10 x 30second runs - but its a start

Monday - swam 28 legths in the morning, zumba 1 hour in the evening

Tuesday - yoga 1 hour in the evening

Wednesday - weight training - some weight this time and even managed some side and reverse plank too!

Friday - ran walked 2 miles, increased from 10 to 11 x 30 second runs - small steps but still no physio required for my back so better than my first attempt last autumn!!

Sunday (today) - cycled 15Km this morning then walked 2 miles this afternoon.

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  1. Just reading this is exhausting! Well done! Not just for the sessions themselves but for the consistency of the them! Consistency is key (I'm told...) Can't wait to cheer you on at the tri itself... it's coming up quickly!