Monday, 23 April 2012

Caution ~ heart may explode!

I am increasing my running gradually - the distance and course is the same but the number of 30 second running bursts is up to 13 now.

I went running on my own this time - that was a first - it went quite well. I put on my heart rate monitor and off I went. I cut my time right down to 27 minutes 38 seconds. I was a bit tired but kept pushing and when the monitor pipped I tried a bit harder.

When we looked at the readout my heart rate had gone up to 187 - probably a little high for someone of 52, the pipping apparently meant my heart rate was high and I should ease off a little.

Gadgets are great but only if you understand them - as the hubby pointed out, instead of slavishly obeying the beep and going faster because that's what I thought it meant, surely my brain told me I was working hard and I should listen to my body!

Well, we live and learn, the heart didn't blow up, I broke my PB and will be more sensible next time!!!

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