Saturday, 5 May 2012

Some you win........

Some you lose..................Since blogging the last time I have managed to go running with my husband, it was going well until I felt my left achilles tendon start to hurt, so I slowed down a bit and managed to finish the session, but with hindsight I think I should have stopped running and walked back! So my achilles hurt when I walked, and the further I walked the more it hurt - but I am glad to report it is not anything like as bad as it was when I first did it.

So I am slowly improving but haven't been able to run or zumba for almost two weeks now.

On the winning side though................... the day after I hurt my tendon I decided cycling wouldn't hurt and so I would go out and brave the rain. I managed to do a 28km cycle circuit and even stayed dry, as, by a sheer fluke, I hit the only dry spell that weekend.

I have also managed some yoga sessions which seemed to help the tendon and had a couple of trips for physio which is painful at the time but seems to be speeding my recovery. Verdict was not too bad, just a sprain to the tendon!

I refuse to give in though - I will run 5km eventually!

Oh and I am going to go swimming again soon - I seem to have forgotten the way to the swimming pool lately!

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