Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Zumba, Swimming and Lemsip

Looking back to December and my training, this is a summary I wrote qbout what happened but unfortunately I didn't manage to post before the Chrismas break overtook me. so here it is, if a little belated.

I've managed one zumba session since the silly work season quietened down and I really enjoyed it.

Stepping up the training I  went to a 9pm swimming session with my son, he did so many lengths that I lost count, but I counted mine and I did 30!!!!!!!! I was so tired when I got out of the pool I thought my wobbly legs would fail to carry me to the changing rooms. Then I realised that the lifeguard was a friend of mine so I had to have a quick chat while pretending that I wasn't about to collapse. Still, the Derby Tri only needs me to complete 16 lengths so this has given me a real boost.

This, I was sure, was surely the start of a great new training regime but sadly, within three days of my swimming session, I succumbed to the nasty cold germ that was being passed around at work and my routine turned into timing my next dose of cold relief medication so that I could keep going at work and finish the Christmas preparations.

Once again I am going to have to wait a while until I feel better, so I'm guessing that I know what my New Years resolution will be - train more, stay fit!

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