Friday, 13 January 2012

Still Doing It

I had a great week training last week, but I think that was a little easier as I only worked one half day and had the rest of the week as annual leave. The biggest boost to my training though was having my son to accompany me on my swim sessions and while he did gym sessions in our garage I went on the exercise bike - it was most sociable. It is so much easier to train with company - I can see why people join clubs, maybe I should try and find one nearby?

I've been back to work this week and the challenge is now trying to fit training in around days at work. I think I have to be realistic - I did a ten and a half hour shift on Monday with no break - so when I got home and had my evening meal I decided training was not on my agenda!

So it hasn't been so productive this week but I have managed a yoga session on Thursday and I've just come back from swimming - I did my Derby Tri distance i.e. 16 lengths in 17 minutes so I was quite pleased with that as a starting point. I swam it breast stroke but I am hoping to enrol in some stroke development classes so I can try front crawl. It is soooo cold here and icy I thought I'd have the pool to myself but it was busier than I've seen it - lots of other nutters in the water at 10pm on a Friday night! I did 30 lengths in total and was in the water about 31 minutes so feel like I'm not a totally lost cause.

The 100-up is becoming a little bit of a routine - I have done it on alternate days this week at walking pace and will increase that to daily then eventually speed up.

I am about to report something I never thought I would say this, but I can't wait to start running! I had a slightly earlier finish on Wednesday and was driving home through late afternoon sunshine and, unbidden, the desire to run just popped in to my brain - I am taking this as a positive sign. When I have some more brisk walks under my belt I'll introduce some run walk sessions and before too long I should literally be up and running.

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