Thursday, 5 January 2012

The man at the osteopath, he says yes!

I am writing today's entry feeling pretty pleased with myself.

Today was my follow-up appointment at the osteopath, trying to keep ahead of that awful back seizing up episode when I tried my running training in November. His opinion was that all of the "bits" were not so far out and went back to where they should be much more easily. He said that all of this keeping fit must be doing me good - RESULT.

Also I'm about to eat a delicious lunch cooked by my son (labouring by me). Its a recipe he first tried with his girlfriend when she came to stay with us for New Year - its from the River Cottage everyday cookbook and is called Tartiflette Toastie. Thank you both for introducing a great new taste to our lunchtime repertoire. Jess is great with food - check out her blog Jessica Eats (Food) - follow the link on this blog.

One last thank -you to Jess, I knew that the 100-up was a good plan but hadn't realised it came from the New York Times - I'm feeling very cosmopolitan.  I'm sure it will be really helpful to me so thanks for keeping an eye out for training tips for you know who, 'cos he passes them on to me so I get a chance to improve too!

I was going to take the Christmas lights down but daren't even go up the ladder in case I blow away in this horrible weather. The weather means training for today will be an evening session on the exercise bike - it's way too windy here to contemplate going outside on a bike (and besides, I still haven't got the bike Santa promised me - shopping trip alert - will keep you posted).

Anyway, for my last cycling session I managed 30 minutes, so I'm going for 35 tonight - its a real temptation to push harder, but that leads to long gaps while I have to recover so I am definitely listening to advice and taking a slightly more tortoise approach to training. Slow and steady (but not too easy) wins the day.

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  1. Oh and thanks for the little mention! I feel so out of practice with my cooking recently, so I'm glad you-know-who is picking up the slack! I do hope the 100-up works, I'll stay tuned to find out!