Saturday, 22 October 2011

Did I tell you how far it is?

I am just wondering if you really know what I  have let myself in for.

The Derby Triathlon is a sprint distance triathlon , for the uninitiated that equals
  • 400m swim (16 lengths of the pool)
  • then put on your cycle helmet and cycle 18km
  • then put on your running shoes and complete the event with a 5km run

Yes that is one straight after the other - madness I agree.

As well as entering the event as an individual triathletes it is also possible to enter as a team where one person swims, one cycles and the third person runs.

I've been looking at the stats from this years race, the winner did it in 51 minutes 38 seconds (0:51:38) and the final finisher crossed the line in 2 hours 27 minutes 14 seconds (2:27:14).

In my age group the top three ladies times were 1:11:22, then 1:17:30 then 1:18:30 but I don't think they need to be too worried about competition from me!

The young man who has inspired/cajoled me to take part actually finished in the top 50 out of the 584 finishers - not too shabby - even if I say so as the doting mother! and he is just finishing his first year in the sport.  By comparison I think it will take me all of this year to train so I can simply drag myself round the course and finish before they close down the finish line, pack up and go home.

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