Friday, 14 October 2011

I did it!!!!

Tonight I joined the ranks of the running fraternity!

It wasn't planned....

I was driving home from work after an early-ish finish, only 4.45pm and a gorgeous sunny Autumnal evening when I heard a voice- "its a beautiful evening for running". So after I twice nearly ran off the road with surprise, once when I heard the voice and more seriously when I realised it was my voice - I came home, I got changed, took some photo's of my new shoes and the lovelly new sports watch my hubby bought me today, then off we went and actually did it.


OK so I did a 5 minute warm up walk, then 20 minutes of run 1 minute walk 1 minute then 5 minues of walking to cool down. But - and this is really important- I have read the runners world website advice for beginner runners and they say that as soon as you do your first run you are a runner - so it is official. And now I feel great - not aching anywhere different to normal and having a glass of wine to celebrate - that's OK isn't it?

The shoes are not quite as pink as I remember from when I bought them but altogether I think this is a suitably girlie ensemble?

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  1. What a great guy your Hubby seems to be. You are very lucky!