Sunday, 9 October 2011

Some actual training occurrs

For those of you wondering when I would get around to mentioning/doing some physical excercise (myself included), I thought I should catalogue my efforts of the last week.

In my first blog I said I zumba and yoga, but forgot to mention that for the preceeding 4 weeks, due to work and social commitments, I had done no training at all. This means the base line is quite low....

So, starting to excercise again last week:

I went to an hour long zumba class on Monday - I could almost remember the routines, threw myself into it and ended up looking my usual post-excercise beetroot red by the end, with a light sheen of what can only be described as perspiration from head to toe. It is great fun though, despite all my best intentions about behaving, I find myself laughing out loud with the sheer joy of it - very disconcerting for the folk zumbaring around me!

On Tuesday it was yoga - much more sedate but lots of stretching and good for core strength.

Thursday and Friday saw me hiking in the Lake District - my hubby assures me each of the walks we did would count as 1-2 hours "base-training". I'm sure the 60mph winds gusting up the valleys and hailstones on the top of the mountains pebble-dashing us as we summited on Thursday afternoon have to be worth some extra points too.
That means this week I feel as though I have started moving towards my goal. In truth I will be having 2 rest days, partly due to work but mainly due to the effects of zumba, yoga and hiking on my unprepared body! Still we saw a guy jogging up the hill in the Lakes on Friday, he looked considerably older than me and my other half looked from that guy's receding silhouette back to me and said "You can do it Gill". So, compared to an elderly jogger (and my hat is off to him), it seems there is hope for me in this madcap adventure.

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  1. Glad you're keeping it up, I'm sure you can do it, Gill! I've kicked my workouts up a notch too since I got here (got to combat all that bread and butter!) so we can train harder together.

    Got your text the other day, it was very sweet! Yes, all is well here, and I start teaching tomorrow! Scary stuff! Lots of love, and keep blogging!! xx