Thursday, 13 October 2011

You have to work before you can run

It's Friday tomorrow and I have to report I have done no training at all so far this week.

The tiltle of the blog entry today gives a little hint at my problem - I have just completed three 14 hour days at work and so there have simply not been enough hours in my day to fit in any training.

I guess I could have given up on sleeping but I felt that was a little extreme!

Newflash - watch out for Saturday's blog as I am aiming to do my first run - walk session to test out those pink runnig shoes on Saturday morning, reasonably bright and reasonably early. My hubby is coming along to run too - he claims it's moral support but I suspect he's just making sure I don't sit down somewhere for a rest and then pretend I'd done it - as if ?!

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